Why we exist?

I am always excited when I meet a new International coach, healer, masseur, etc. We all have amazing stories to tell and gifts to share. One can feel quite isolated being not only an expat but also being an auto-entrepreneur in a sector not yet fully embraced by society to boot!  We find little pockets through meetup and events but the public does not have one place to turn to when seeking help in wellness. Both the public & the professionals can now come together in a unified service.

How it started & why print?

Print is dead… non?

Non! No! Nein! Nee! Ei! Nein! Nahi! Are we in denial? Nope! The idea 1st came to me when I was last visiting the USA. I was in a small conservative New England town. Walking out of a frozen yogurt shop my attention was drawn by a typical magazine stand for free publications. Usually these are “penny savers” promotional cheap deals and such but on the cover was “Reiki in hospitals”. I picked it up.

All major cities (and apparently tiny towns too!) have a wellness publication. Despite newspapers flailing and people’s fingers seem super glued to their smart phones, these publications continue because they are local, they are varied…

people do not always know what they are looking for in wellness.

They want to browse, they want inspiration. A google search is great when you know what you want EXACTLY but can seriously limit exposure. We all know the big wigs get top billing for the keywords, getting down to a local offer for something like “reduce stress” is highly unlikely. Not to mention trying to then limit to english speakers (a site in english does not always mean service in english) and how many times did you get excited about something only to find it is in Canada?

Bref… France is one of the few countries still dedicated to print… the written word… on paper.  People are excited when they see the spirituality, personal development, wellness out in the real world! Don’t you? It is not yet mainstream. We expect penny savers and tourist guides.. We are thrilled to feel we really aren’t going to miss an English event or service because somebody is finally centralizing it!

Who is behind all this?

Our non profit association, Life Space, naturally became a resource for recommending coaches, classes, centers and more to passers by and members. It became obvious (and necessary!) someone needed to centralize this valuable information.

The Lights-On! Paris Wellness Guide is proposed by Life Space, a non-profit (Association 1901) wellness center for the International community in Ile de France.